Sophie Garratt Nickname: Sophie G
Previous Clubs: Stoke City CofE Age: 21 Birthplace: Stoke on Trent Position: Right Wing Ambition: To reach the highest level of football I possibly can Attribute: Passing Fav Food: Couldn’t choose just 1 Fav Drink: Capri Sun Fav Music: R&B, Reggae Fav Cheese: Canestrato Fav Fish: Hoki Fav Footballer: Steven Gerrard Fav Team: Liverpool Career Influence: Family Best Footie memory: Way too many Best thing about playing for Stoke: Being able to develop as a player Occupation / Study: Foundation Sports Coaching Degree, Apprentice Female Football Officer   Sophie Garratt joined Stoke City Women in 2018. Sophie G was a product of Stoke's C of E but chose Futsal over football. She was persuaded back to the women’s game and immediately picked up a goal and player of the match on her début. Sophie G is also a better singer than Honey G and Ali G