Tia Lander Nickname: Tee
Previous Clubs: Liverpool, Crewe Age: 20 Birthplace: Stoke on Trent Position: Centre Back Ambition: Get to WSL, play for England or Scotland Attribute: Composure, not afraid to get the ball Fav Film: Mamma Mia, Bend it like Beckham Fav Food: Cheesy beans on toast Fav Drink: Milk Fav Music: Abba Fav Cheese: Raclette Fav Fish: Stingray Fav Footballer: Steven Gerrard Fav Team: Liverpool Career Influence: Brother & Dad Best Footie memory: Winning the League with Liverpool Best thing about playing for Stoke: It's a progressive club Claim to Fame: I was in the Sentinel one time Occupation / Study: Referee/Student/National Sportswear Shop   Tia Lander joined Stoke City Women in 2016. Tee told us she's appeared in the Sentinel but didn't say why. We're hoping it's not to advertise as a painter & decorator as she got more paint on the carpet of the committee room than the walls when she helped spruce up Stoke Women's new home venue. Sadly Tia has badly suffered from injury but we're hoping 2019 is the year!