Faye Singleton Nickname: Faye
Previous Clubs: Stoke RTC, Northwich Vickies Age: 18 Birthplace: The Womb Position: Right Wing Ambition: To enjoy it Attribute: Positivity Fav Film: Split Fav Food: Beef in black bean sauce Fav Drink: Shirley Temple Fav Music: Justin Bieber Fav Cheese: Lord of the Hundreds Fav Fish: Mullet Fav Footballer: Alan Shearer (Kelsey R made me) Fav Team: Club Penguin Career Influence: Team mates Best thing about playing for Stoke: Atmosphere Occupation / Study: Sixth Form   Faye Singleton joined Stoke City Ladies in 2017. Faye joined from Stoke's RTC and showed at the trials she is going to be a handful. She's already shown she has a sense of humour but it's not known if she'll be the first to laugh at one of Tash Tezgel's jokes.