Faye Singleton Nickname: Faye
Previous Clubs: Stoke RTC, Northwich Vickies Age: 19 Birthplace: The Womb Position: Right Wing Ambition: To enjoy it Attribute: Positivity Fav Film: Split Fav Food: Beef in black bean sauce Fav Drink: Shirley Temple Fav Music: Justin Bieber Fav Cheese: Lord of the Hundreds Fav Fish: Mullet Fav Footballer: Alan Shearer (Kelsey R made me) Fav Team: Club Penguin Career Influence: Team mates Best thing about playing for Stoke: Atmosphere Occupation / Study: Sixth Form   Faye Singleton joined Stoke City Women in 2017. Faye joined from Stoke's RTC and has shown she is capable at any level. Faye came on as substitute for the first team in the County Cup in 2019 and scored five goals in twenty minutes!