Claire Smith Reserve Team Manager
Previous Clubs: Wrexham Age: 35 Birthplace: Birkenhead Position: Sent Her Back Ambition: To get off the bench Attribute: Mouth Fav Film: A league of their own Fav Food: Tuna butties ;-) Fav Drink: Decaff tea Fav Music: Dance (98 -2007) Fav Cheese: Gallybagger Fav Fish: Dory Fav Footballer: Rio Ferdinand Fav Team: Everton Best thing about playing for Stoke: Keeping the bench warm Occupation / Study: Barristers Clerk   The most famous person to come from Birkenhead apart from Lilly Savage... oh and Matt Dawson.. er Jason McAteer, not forgetting Glenda Jackson, Claire joined Stoke City Ladies in 2014 as player coach and immediately made an impact at the Keele cup by not fetching the coffee for the staff when asked. She doesn't mind stripping off in front of everyone even when asked not to but that might be because she can't understand our accents. Oh yes, Sandy Irvine the first person to climb mount Everest was also from Birkenhead.