Sophie Taylor Nickname: Soph
Previous Clubs: Stafford Rangers Age: 26 Position: Right Mid Ambition: Play at the highest level possible Attribute: Speed Fav Film: White Chicks Fav Food: Pasta Fav Drink: Diet Coke Fav Music: Anything but opera Fav Cheese: Shropshire Blue Fav Fish: Monkfish Fav Footballer: Wilshere Fav Team: Arsenal Career Influence: Dad Best Footie memory: Well, can’t think of an Arsenal one? Best thing about playing for Stoke: The people Claim to Fame: Knowing Chuckles :-) Occupation / Study: Student   Sophie Taylor is a graduate from the centre of excellence. She has been successful with the reserves and often steps up to the first team where she has acquitted herself well. Soph has the skills & technical ability and with a little more age &  experience will become very difficult to stop. It's just a pity that she supports Arsenal!