It costs around £10,000 annually to run a football club in the league that Stoke Ladies are currently in. If Stoke get promoted, the costs increase as the clubs in our league are spread further afield. In addition to the costs of training facilities, match day pitches, match officials, kit and physio, the Ladies also have to fund the travel costs to games. There’s no charge for spectators to a Ladies match so our only forms of fund raising are sponsorship and social events. The players currently pay subs of around £300 a year and pay their own fuel costs to get to games (we don’t yet own a mini bus) As the Ladies get no funding from Stoke City and the staff are volunteers, we would appreciate any help you can offer. If you wish to sponsor a particular player, please email us with the player’s name and let us know if you have a website you want us to link to. Thank You