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List of Featured Players.

1921 Hilda Eldershaw

Abby Hunt

Alex Liddiard

Alice Langstone

Amber Lawrence

Amelia Robb

Amy Whielden

Angelika Palasz

Anna Lowndes

Anne Marie Atherton

Ashleigh Hayes

Becca Deegan

Becky Hall

Beth Middleton

Bethaney Carr

Cassie Hyde

Chantelle Gallagher

Charley Haynes

Claire Smith

Claudia Walker

Coral O'Keefe

Courtney Jones

Courtney Owen

Dawn Mallett

Ele Costello

Elizabeth Adams

Ellen Johnston

Ellie Walker-Smith

Emily Horton

Emily Day

Emily Curteis

Emma Sanders

Emma Henderson

Eve Littler

Fay Cassidy

Faye McCoy

Francesca Curteis

Gail Pennington

Gemma Turner

Georgia Bruckshaw

Hannah Williams

Hannah Keryakoplis

Hannah Bailey

Harriet James

Hayley O'Donnell

Holly Salt

Holly Fowell

Jade Beech

Jade Boulton

Jamilla Palmer

Jess Lowrie

Jessica Swanwick

Jodie Foxhall

Jodie Lewis

Jodie Mortimer

Jordann Sloan

Justine Lewis

Kate Asher

Kate Cronin Wilson

Katie Plant

Kayleigh Smith

Kelly Pinner

Kelly Elkes

Kim Barber

Kirsty Batson

Laura Jones

Laura Garside

Lauren Brown

Lauren Hood

Lily Neal

Louise Roberts

Louise Price

Lucy Ridgway

Lucy Bailey

Lucy Goodfellow

Meg Bowyer

Megan Jones

Megan Kolbuck

Millie Elson

Naomi Sale-Hancock

Natalie Hall

Natasha Stuck Caracheo

Natasha Broome

Nicola Hudson

Nicole Dale

Paris O'Connor

Rachael Ball

Rachael Blunt

Rebecca Knight

Shannon Bradley

Shannon Weston

Shannon Moores

Shannon Garner

Sinead Tierney

Sophie Taylor

Sophie Thompson

Suzanne Marshall

Sydney Hinchcliffe

Tammy Evans

Tash Tezgel

Tash Lilly

Vanessa James

Vicky Gutteridge

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