Previous Clubs: Stoke City Regional Talent Club and Cheshire County Age: 19 Birthplace: Crewe Position: Right Back Ambition: Play professionally Attribute: Determination Fav Film: E.T. Fav Food: Italian Fav Drink: Oasis Fav Music: Ed Sheeran Fav Cheese: Edam Fav Fish: Pilchard Fav Footballer: Evra Fav Team: Barcelona Career Influence: Coaches Best Footie memory: Being unbeaten all season Best thing about playing for Stoke: Atmosphere Occupation / Study: College   Ellie Jones joined Stoke City Women in 2017. Jonesy has stepped up from Stoke City's Regional Talent Club and impressed in the open trials but sadly suffered the dreaded ACL injury. We hope to see her back playing soon.
Ellie Jones Nickname:  Jonesy