Jordann Sloan Nickname: Sloany
Previous Clubs: Stoke CofE Age: 21 Birthplace: Stoke on Trent Position: Forward Ambition: Professional Attribute: Advanced to international standard Fav Film: Cocktail ( or rather Lager) Fav Food: Anything cooked in Lager. Fav Drink: Lager and lots of it. Fav Music: Kris Lager Band Fav Cheese: Cornish Yarg (cus it sounds like lager) Fav Fish: Loach Fav Footballer: Wayne Rooney Fav Team: Stoke City Career Influence: Dad Best Footie memory: Playing for Northern Ireland and being part of the girls Centre of Excellence Best thing about playing for Stoke: It's my life Occupation / Study: College   Jordann Sloan joined Stoke City Ladies from the Stoke Centre of Excellence in 2014 and produced a solid performance in the 2014 Keele Cup showing the potential she has to be breaking into the first team.